AromaLoc is pleased to announce significant advances and refinements that further enhance the company’s award-winning technology, making it even more effective in commercial wineries.


Extensive testing carried out at Germany’s prestigious Geisenheim University and by AromaLoc’s own R&D team has allowed the company to pinpoint the optimal time for winemakers to use the AromaLoc system.



AromaLoc CEO, Dr. Richard Jones, says, “Timing is everything. We are excited to be able to confirm that starting our machines at peak fermentation, and stopping them when 0 Brix is reached, optimizes the ‘AromaLoc effect’ on wines. This means winemakers using AromaLoc’s technology to enhance the quality of their wines, are able to significantly reduce the length of time they deploy one of our machines on a tank.”


The result? Winemakers are now able to use a single AromaLoc machine several times, moving from tank to tank as fermentation levels dictate. Some AromaLoc commercial winery customers report using a single machine on as many as seven fermentation tanks during a single season.


The company has prepared new user manuals that include updated instructions, and is distributing these to current AromaLoc winery partners.



AromaLoc holds patents throughout the world for its wine-enhancing technology, process, and equipment. For more information, contact Randy Morse, Communications Director.