When it comes to experiencing wine, the nose is mission-critical

The human nose is capable of differentiating between thousands of unique scents. It’s our olfactory abilities that allow us to discern the variety of flavours that are offered up in a single sip. The tongue is limited to merely sensing — salty, sweet, bitter, and sour. To truly taste, to actually experience a wine, it’s the nose that picks up flavour scents and makes that possible.

Simply put, aromas can make or break a wine. Their presence — or absence — can spell the difference between a good wine and an exceptional  product.

The problem is, if the winemaker can smell the aromas outside the fermenter, those aromas have forever left the developing wine, and there is nothing on the market that can bring them back.  

But what if those aromas never escaped?

AromaLoc has invented and patented a method to solve this challenge. The AromaLoc system is a totally additive-free, hands-off process that prevents aromas from leaving the wine — no tampering or interfering with the fermentation process. Intervention only occurs with the headspace composition above the juice — this produces desirable changes in the fermenting liquid below.   

Think your wine is good now? AromaLoc will make it better! 




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After I saw the results, I said, ‘wow, this is a game changer, this is going to revolutionize what people can do as winemakers.’

     — Steve Latchford, Second Chapter Wine Co. winemaker, on the AromaLoc  difference