In a recent video, Alpha Omega Winery Winemaker Henrik Poulsen talked about “a new technique,” called AromaLoc.

It’s flattering to be referred to by an outstanding Napa Valley winemaker as an effective technique or method that makes wines more aromatic — and it’s important to remember that it’s AromaLoc Inc.’s patented technology that makes this possible.

This is the point of the following brief video, featuring AromaLoc founder and President, Dr. Dick Jones.

As a point of reference, here’s Henrik Poulsen’s video.

And finally, here is a blind tasting comparing an Alpha Omega Cab Sav, with and without having been “AromaLoc-ed.” 

The tasting features Pentâge Winery co-founder, Paul Gardner, and Pentâge Winemaker, Richard Charnock.

In the end, the point is simply this: AromaLoc’s patented technology allows talented winemakers to up their game even further — it makes good wines better!