AROMALOC SIGNS GLOBAL LICENSING DEAL WITH juclas, italian-based wine industry leader

In a joint communique issued today, Dr. Richard Jones PhD, Founder and President of Canadian wine industry innovator, AromaLoc Inc., together with JU.CLA.S Srl (“JUCLAS”) CEO, Alessandro Angilella, and VASON GROUP Chairperson, Albano Vason, announced a new strategic alliance between JUCLAS and AromaLoc.

Dr. Richard Jones

“We are delighted to have entered into a global licensing agreement with JUCLAS, the engineering arm of VASON GROUP,” said Jones.

“JUCLAS has an international reputation for innovation, industry-leading technology, and extraordinary levels of customer support. We are confident JUCLAS is the perfect partner to bring AromaLoc’s award-winning wine quality enhancement process to wineries around the world,” Jones concluded.


Alessandro Angilella

“We are very pleased to add AromaLoc’s patented, membrane-based technology to the JUCLAS product portfolio,” said JUCLAS CEO, Alessandro Angilella. “The AromaLoc solution to enhancing wine quality, which is entirely non-invasive — nothing touches the fermenting must or liquid — fits perfectly with our commitment to provide products and services to winemakers who are focussed on energy savings, environmental respect, quality improvement — and excellence,” Angilella added. 


Albano Vason

VASON GROUP Chairperson, Albano Vason commented, “We have studied how best to assist our customers in improving the quality of their wine in environmentally appropriate, cost-effective ways for many years now. We are convinced that AromaLoc’s patented approach is absolutely the best way to do this.

“For us, the future is now. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with AromaLoc,” Vason noted.



about aromaloc

"AromaLoc works, every time. It’s simple to operate, and always results in better wine. Using AromaLoc is a no-brainer." — Jason Cenntani, Winemaker, Lllano Estacado Winery

AromaLoc Inc. is an innovative British Columbia-based company, founded by Dr. Richard Jones in 2012. Its award-winning technology (Wine Industry Network Innovation Award, 2021) allows winemakers to enhance the quality of their wines without additives, or in any way interfering with the normal fermentation process.

"We tried the wines at the end of fermentation, and were very pleased with how big the differences were. The white wines with the AromaLoc machine were much more complex and rich." — Simon Weihbrecht, Weingut Weihbrecht

Extensive laboratory testing and analyses in North America and Europe has confirmed the results of over 50 commercial trials and blind tastings— the use of AromaLoc’s technology consistently results in wine that exhibits enhanced character, complexity, mouthfeel, and aromatics.

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about juclas

JU.CLA.s Slr (“JUCLAS”) is a Verona, Italy-based company founded in 1987 with a presence in the world’s major wine producing regions. The engineering arm of the VASON GROUP, JUCLAS invented the continuous must clarification process, known as flotation. The company has gone on to develop and/or acquire a range of technologies and products, making it a global leader in providing innovative solutions for winemakers.

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