The AromaLoc™ 5000

The AromaLoc™ 5000 will work with wine volumes up to 5000 liters at approximately 18C fermentation temperature (higher volumes can be used at lower fermentation temperatures and vice versa). This machine works for all wine production methods that can direct headspace gas to it.

White wines are usually made in closed top fermenters which are easily adaptable. We have adapters and hardware available for most conventional tanks.

Red wines are usually made by with pumping over or punching down. On pump over tanks as these are usually closed top so we use similar adapters to white wine.

For pump over in closed tanks this is also the case.

For barrel fermentations we have worked with TN Coopers to develop a system which is commercially available. Modifications for different barrel size are possible.

One machine can be used several times during a vintage year. We recommend the machine be applied from just prior to peak fermentation to 1.000 specific gravity. Shorter periods of use are best just prior to peak and continued during active fermentation. From this information it is easy to see that one machine can be used many times over the wine making season.

Please contact us with any questions as to how we can work with your process.

AromaLoc™ 5000 direct connection through 2″ TC. (optional remote mounting available)
AromaLoc™ 5000 on a 5000 L closed top tank.
AromaLoc™ 5000 mounted on inspection lid.

About the AromaLoc™ 5000

Model:  AromaLoc™  5000
Beverage Volume:  Up to 5000 liters at approx. 18 degrees Celsius
Dimensions:  12″ x 12″ x 8″
Weight: 9 kg
Power required:  115 VAC, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 50 Hz
Connection:  Location of the machine is best at closest point to tank vent. We have adapters and mounting systems to accomplish most conventional applications.

Price:  Our machine is site specific, to ensure you have the necessary adapters to work with your existing equipment – please contact Walter to obtain a quote which will include the different adapters required.